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Established in 1985, TIME TUNNEL is one of the longest running comic book , film merchandising and collectables businesses in the U.K. It is owned and run by my other, and better half, Karl Randell.
Starting out with one shop, and standing at sci fi and memorabilia fairs, across the country, together with Karls extraordinary knowledge and love of the business he was in, TIME TUNNEL grew and became more successful. Standing at the
fairs started to dwindle over time as many people were keen to travel to see the shop, and Crewe was a
good catchment area. As time moved on, and with the emergence of the accursed internet we saw many
independant comic shops fall by the wayside, but Karl's beloved TIME TUNNEL, unfailingly,
just kept on going. Because of the ''World Wide Web'' we also found we were becoming very popular
abroad. sending items to places as diverse as a bunker in Afghanistan. TIME TUNNEL continued to grow
and expand, but times and the way people shopped gradually changed,... and in 2011 we decided to take
the decision ( and it was a big one ) to no longer have a town centre shop. So... kind of reluctantly, we
crossed all our fingers and toes, and took the business in another direction. ( Hands up if you know
where I am going with this! ) Anyway, we adapted, as you have to, and turned TIME TUNNEL and
INSPIRATIONS IN TIME into a mainly online business. So that we didn't have to suffer too many withdrawal symptoms of not having a lovely shopfront anymore, Karl also took an indoor market stall at Crewe, literally just around the corner from where our town centre shop used to be. This allowed us to have a base where all our regular customers could still come and pick up their weekly orders, and others would not have to look very far from where the shop used to be, in order to find us! While we are on the subject, at the time of our big move we were overwhelmed by the help and time put in by customers and friends to make relocating 26 years worth of comic shop memories as painless as possible, and Karl and I would like to take this opportunity again, to thank you all for your continuing and unfailing support. Customer loyalty is alive and well at Karl's TIME TUNNEL!

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About Me!

The moving finger writes...and having writ', ...moves on !

As you might have guessed, INSPIRATIONS IN TIME is the 'girly' side of TIME TUNNEL! It employs my VAST creative expertise, to offer a collection of jewellery, costumes, art, and photo restoration. Some of which are movie, and T.V. related, most from other time periods. Many of us like to sometimes retreat into the past, it is a safe place to go. It can niether be altered nor erased. We know exactly what to expect from it without exception. We can cherry pick the things that we love and build ourselves a secure world with them whilst still enjoying the comforts of the modern world in all its harsh reality. And soon enough; the present becomes the past....there it goes! ....back....and....back, until it too becomes somewhere we can delve into at our leisure and conveniently cast aside whatever we find undesireable.

Also within this site are links to other companies who are kind enough to be a aphiliates of mine.

At the time of writing this, We had 2 websites which I was in the process of building up. a couple of years later, and we now have kind of expanded a bit, and we now have 12... and counting. Also, obviously we also still have an Ebay shop. There is now a page on this site, as there is on all the sites with links to all the other sites and back again...if you know what I mean. you will find it in the menu a the top of the page.
Or...just go through the buttons below if you are feeling lazy!

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